Meet Misha, Our Therapy Dog

Pet therapy for seniors can be beneficial for countless reasons. Studies show that virtually fifteen minutes spent bonding with an animal promotes positive hormonal changes in the brain.

It can also alleviate loneliness, increase pleasure, joy, comfort and safety, and reduce behavioral and intellectual symptoms of dementia.

What can therapy dogs do?

Therapy dogs provide comfort to seniors who are craving companionship, deliver love to people that are grieving, and supply affection to their beloved human friends.

Animal-assisted therapy helps people get over the health problems, consisting of coronary heart disease, most cancers and mental health disorders. It has been validated to reduce blood stress in hypertensive sufferers and it reduces anxiety in hospitalized sufferers too.

Dogs can relieve the stresses of human beings with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The victims experience agitation, and doggies can help calm them down. Interacting with a dog can stimulate the urge for meals of those who might no longer eat regularly due to their condition.

Petting canines aids an exercising session for arthritic fingers and arms. Also, doggies commonly have a tendency to comfort an individual that is sad or worried. Request a tour of our senior care home to see if your loved one can join our family.


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