Meet Misha, Our Therapy Dog

Pet therapy for seniors can be beneficial for countless reasons. Studies show that virtually fifteen minutes spent bonding with an animal promotes positive hormonal changes in the brain. It can also alleviate loneliness, increase pleasure, joy, comfort and safety, and reduce behavioral and intellectual symptoms of dementia. What can therapy dogs do? Therapy dogs provide…


Misplacing keys. Forgetting names. Struggling to find the right word. Walking into a room and forgetting why. Are these early signs of dementia? Or normal signs of aging? Willow Crossing Senior Living can help. Give us a call .  

And The Magic Happens

Musical memory is stored in the brain areas that are relatively undamaged by brain diseases like dementia. Seniors with cognitive challenges have access to memories associated with music. By playing or singing songs to your loved ones that date back to their young years, you are often able to connect with them. Music can have…

Nutrition Is The Key

Maintaining a healthy diet plan for seniors is extremely important. Often times they need to avoid ingredients that interact with their medication or cause digestive problems. Proper nutrition helps manage chronic conditions, prevents bone loss, strengthens muscles and boasts immune systems. Food is necessary for nutrition but it also should be enjoyed. We have multiple…

Staying Safe

COVID-19 Update Our highest priority is to protect the health and well-being of our residents, their families, and our staff.  We keep open lines of communication with our residents’ families and keep them connected with their loved ones. Willow Crossing works with public health and government agencies to ensure adherence to current guidelines and regulations….